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The Police Treatment Centres is a registered charity providing treatment, support and recuperation for injured and ill police officers.

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The Police Treatment Centres is a registered charity which provides treatment and support, including intensive, police-specific, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, for injured and ill police officers and retired officers. Police officers are very often the first responders to serious accidents and dangerous incidents, dealing with death, distress and aggression. They have to see and hear things that other members of the public would simply not be able to cope with. The Police Treatment Centres provide police specific treatment for any on or off duty injury. Whether it is a physical injury, or stress, depression, anxiety related, treatment is provided to help them recover and aid their return back to work.

Almost 4000 serving and retired officers attend one of the two Treatment Centres each year at either St Andrews, in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, or Castlebrae in Auchterarder, Perthshire. For just a small donation you could have the comfort of knowing we will be there for you if you are injured or ill, through treatment, support & recuperation, including intensive, police-specific, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Don't forget, it doesn't matter if your injury occurs on or off duty - it could have occurred playing football or even walking the dog.

Around 60% of the Police Family members within our service area contribute to the PTC and so are eligible for free treatment. If you are in the minority who don't, take a fresh look at the PTCs and see how you too could benefit from what we can offer. To find out more about the work we do and why your support is so valuable, visit our website www.thepolicetreatmentcentres.org

A variety of new tools and resources have been developed over the past few months to help raise awareness of The PTC and provide valuable information to our patients.

Drone footage - a patient's perspective of the building and facilities at St Andrews

Virtual tours - 360 degree virtual tours are now available to view, showing our fitness facilities at both Centres.

A patient tour of St Andrews - a short seven minute promotional film giving future patients an insight into what they might expect when visiting the centres.

Castlebrae's new facilities - a short five minute film highlighting the new facilities and a patient's experience at Castlebrae.

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